Keen to be green
Keen to be green

Keen to be green

29 Jan 2023

IPM sees debut of NP Plastics’ new CirQu brand

NP Plastics is launching a new name in the market for horticultural and gardening accessories. With the introduction of its CirQu brand, the company is consolidating its sustainable product offerings under a single, unified label.
Our CirQu products provide customers with the assurance that they are making an environmentally responsible choice.
As the transition towards a circular economy continues to accelerate,  the horticultural sector has aligned its sustainability ambitions accordingly.
The innovative circular horticultural industry of the future will be attuned to the social and environmental trends calling for closed-loop systems and a decoupling from virgin fossil-based resources.
CirQu products are created from renewably-sourced materials that respect the environment. CirQu is our commitment to the sustainable growth of our customers.
The first product launched under the CirQu brand is our CirQu PushOn Clipp ring made from compostable, EN 13432/14955-certified bio-based materials, with a carbon footprint that is significantly reduced compared to their conventionally produced counterparts based on fossil feedstocks*.
The sustainably produced CirQu PushOn can be disposed of in the organic waste stream for processing at organic waste treatment facilities.
Further products will be added to the portfolio later this year.

 *Gross CO2 emissions for the manufacture of 1 kg of the traditional, fossil-based resin used for this application were 2.5 kg-CO2/kg compared to -0.5 kg-CO2/kg for the biobased material from FKuR.