Forward looking
Forward looking

Over the past 10 years, NP Plastics has developed and consistently implemented a sustainability strategy across its operations in multiple areas.
The process is an ongoing one: while a number of goals have already been achieved, we will continue to advance these efforts into the future.

Environmentally-friendly ventilation

The temperature in our production hall is maintained with the help of an energy-efficient indirect adiabatic cooling system, equipped with a heat exchanger. This system allows NP Plastic to achieve a 90% energy saving compared to a conventional cooling system.

Two new adiabatic 5,000 m3/hr cooling and ventilation units have been installed, ensuring that the air in the production hall around the injection molding machines is constantly refreshed with filtered outside air, creating a comfortable working climate in which any noxious vapors and odors emitted are vented out.
The adiabatic units operate on the principle of evaporative cooling. The ambient temperature is lowered by some 6 degrees Celsius indirectly, with the help of a heat exchanger. During the winter, the heat recovery module is automatically switched on. Each 5,000 m3/hr unit consumes approximately 4 kWh of electricity and 2 m3 of water per month. Rainwater may also be used instead of tap water.

It is a system that has proven invaluable in these times of corona, when ventilation is key, as it’s based on a continuous flow of refreshing air rather than on the recycled indoor air relied on by traditional air conditioning systems alone. And it has allowed us to address two separate issues with one solution: the system provides both fresh air for our employees, even after the coronavirus crisis has abated and an environmentally friendly air circulation solution.


While our outdoor lighting had been previously updated, we have now also replaced all our outdated fluorescent tube fittings in the warehouse, production halls and office areas with an efficient LED lighting system. The new LED lighting consumes far less energy, has a longer lifespan and an illumination that comes close to natural daylight, which has a positive impact on productivity.


In the future

More investments are planned for the future. Taking advantage of its expanse of flat roof, NP Plastics will be installing solar panels in the short term. The company is also weighing the possibility of using motion detectors as a means to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Another item on the list regards new equipment: the company is considering the purchase of additional energy-efficient full-electric production machines. The machines have the additional advantages of operating more accurately at lower noise levels.