Technical products
Technical products

Wide range of plastic parts for the industrial applications

Do you have a product idea? Or need to modify an existing product?

NP Plastics produces an extensive and varied range of plastic products and components for industrial applications. Special or technical products refer to newly developed products that are realized in collaboration with an industrial designer. NP manages the entire process, ensuring that injection mold tools are built to specification to enable the production of a perfect end product.

Projects involving the re-engineering or modification of existing products, aimed at extending their life cycle is another area of expertise.

We leverage our knowledge of – and experience with – the processing of high performance and engineering thermoplastics to support the material selection process. The choice and application of the appropriate material is crucial to achieve the desired functionality, safety and lifespan of a product. At NP Plastics, we work with a wide range of thermoplastics in our injection molding processes, from standard to engineered, including PPS, 15-60% glass-fiber reinforced PA, ABS high flow, POM, amongst others.

NP Plastics has developed and produces a number of proprietary products, but also custom molds a broad range of plastic parts and products on behalf of numerous customers in various sectors.
Examples include plastic parts for sensor holders, industrial beverage equipment and cable guides for the concrete industry.

NP Plastics delivers to the following industries:

  • Appliance industry
  • Medical industry/healthcare
  • E&E
  • Construction
  • Carpet industry
  • Window treatments

In addition to our proprietary products, we produce a broad assortment of products for customers from various sectors.

As a specialized custom molder for industrial parts, we have grown into an important supplier in the professional business-to-business market.

NP Plastics Vossloh concrete plug

Vossloh concrete plug


Sensor holders

Plastic-component- beverage vending machine

Component extraction system

Spanbeton has been doing business with NP plastics for many years,
and together with NP Plastics, we’ve already developed several functional plastic injection-molded products that we need for our concrete elements.

Spanbeton BV

manufacturer of pre-tensioned concrete elements, Koudekerk a/d Rijn

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