At NP Plastics, we see recycling as part of an overall responsible approach to materials and resource management – and as a key essential to safeguard a healthy and profitable future with continued production for our customers.
Our goal is to optimize our operations to achieve the smallest possible ecological footprint.

At NP Plastics, production waste is conveyed to a grinder and, where possible, fed back into the production stream. Beside-the-press granulators efficiently grind all sprues and waste material produced during processing.
At NP Plastics, we also use recycled material derived from post-consumer waste streams for specific applications.

Moreover, we actively follow the ongoing developments in biobased materials, to support our customers in this area, too, in their striving to achieve their sustainability goals.


NRK PVT Plastic converters

NP Plastics is a member of the NRK PVT, the Dutch trade association for plastic – bioplastics, thermoplastics and thermoplastic composites – converters, focused on (production) technology and innovation in plastic.

In addition to knowledge transfer, the NRK PVT is committed to knowledge development by initiating, setting up and participating in research and research projects. Examples include projects centered on themes such as the use of recyclate, biopolymers, development of bio dyes, integration of PV solar cells, and research into thermoplastic composites.