Building on history towards an innovative future

Based in Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands, injection molding company NP Plastics has over the years grown into a well-known player in the industry. Building on a heritage stretching back to the company’s founding in 1949, combined with an enterprising, forward-looking outlook, we develop and produce a wide range of technical products and components for our customers. Under the NP Horti Products name, we also produce and market a broad assortment of plant label display stakes, clips and clamps for the horticultural industry. Our enthusiastic team of experienced professionals serves and supports the requirements of these different sectors with targeted expertise and skill.

NP Plastics stands for innovation and quality

We collaborate closely with our customers and suppliers to develop solutions that are both creative and feasible. Moreover, we invest in knowledge building, modern machines and new technologies. Process control, quality management and efficiency are core concepts.

NP Plastics is a modern, well-equipped plant that operates some fifteen fully automatic injection molding machines, two of which are full electric presses, that can handle shot weights from 2 to 2000 grams. All machines are equipped with an integrated robot. Due to this intensive use of robots, our production processes are all highly automated. It also allows us to increase efficiency and consistency, while reducing the number of defective parts. Where required, we also develop in-house product-specific automation solutions.


NP Plastics sources all new molds from carefully selected tooling partners, both here in the Netherlands and abroad. Small maintenance and repair jobs are carried out in-house; a local mold maker is called in when more substantial maintenance is needed. After use, all molds are safely stowed in our fire-resistant, secure mold storage area.


Download our ISO-9001 certificate here.

NP Plastics is a family-owned business

As such, our focus is oriented towards long term business continuity and healthy growth. For that reason, we’re committed to building durable relationships with our customers, based on expertise and trust.