Important notice
Important notice

Important notice

26 Sep 2022

With this notice, we are pleased to inform you that NP Plastics has recently acquired the ownership of the ‘Horti products’ business of Metaplastics B.V. We will be continuing the production and sales of the entire range of these products here, at our factory in Noordwijkerhout.

With this acquisition, NP Plastics is ensuring a seamless transition for all customers, providing continuity and security with regard to the availability of this range of well-known and trusted products.

For decades, NP Plastics has been active in the production, sales and development of ‘Horti products’ for Western European horticulture industry. Our main product in this area has been a broad assortment of plant label stakes, which has given us vast experience with the production and sale of large volumes, in various designs and colors, at competitive prices. The clip and plant rings in Metaplastics’ delivery program complement the NP Plastics range perfectly.

Please contact NP Plastics for information about these products.

Peter de Jong (sales) and Piet de Groot (management) are your point of contact at NP Plastics.

They can be reached at:, tel. +31-(0)252-37 10 70, tel. +31-(0)252-37 10 70 or +31 (0)653893585